The Buckingham Apartments, a sister building to the Commodore Hotel in St. Paul, was originally built in 1920by the Fleisher Construction Company and owned by the Eastern Finance Company. It wasdesigned by prominent Scottish-born architect Alexander Rosewho also designed the Commodore (St. Paul), and other major apartment hotels in theLoringPark neighborhood like the Oak Grove Apartment Hotel, andcompleted a major renovation ofthe Parkway (Minneapolis). 

In 1921 The Buckingham Apartments and its sister The Commodore, were sold and became part of the portfolio of the Walker-Pence Company. This organization also owned numerous buildings in Minneapolis / St. Paul, including the State Theater complex. The Buckingham, as the third largest apartment hotel in Minneapolis and owned by the T.B. Walker (the family that funded the Walker Art Museum), became a fixture of the Loring Park neighborhood at 15th and LaSalle.

Popular with salesmen and business travelers that appreciated the neighborhood's convenient location to downtown businesses, the LoringPark area remained a vibrant neighborhood through the WWII years and into the early 60s. 

A period of general decline then followed in the 1960’s and 1970’s. When the new I-94 freeway construction eliminated housing near the park, and there was a steady drop in neighborhood residents during this time. Because of this loss, those who remained in the neighborhood became active in preserving and enhancing the area, ushering in a new era of civic engagement as the city debated development plans, namely the Citizens for a Loring Park Community which was founded in 1972. 

By 1980, new residential properties were being built along with the bike-friendly Greenway, adding to the neighborhood and creating a new condominium and townhouse living community.  During this time, a new neighborhood revitalization group started that was spearheaded by Ione Siegel and Dottie Spiedel. This lead to a major Loring Park re-development later in the decade.

The Buckingham Apartments was purchasedby the Siegel Family (1500 LaSalle Partnership) in1984. Prior to the partnership purchasing the building it was in need of major rehab. Since that time the building, along with it sisters (Commodore and Marshall Street) have been continually updated, renovated and cared for by the family. Maintaining sensitivity to the unique architectural character of each building and the changing needs its tenants, the Buckingham management has continued to provide a comfortable and livable community for its residents for more than thirty years.